The Case for OpenOffice

My spin: OpenOffice I’m sure is a good tool for some, but based on my past experiences it’s not completely compatible with Office, which MOST users use. Red News Factor’s article and see if this software is for you. I’ll review OpenOffice again and give you my full “my spin”. sees itself as a testing ground for companies considering a StarOffice purchase from Sun, which provides direct support, patches and Q&A testing.
What is free, easy to learn and manage, and compatible with other file formats and every major platform? (Hint: It also represents one less tie to Microsoft.) The answer is, according to the creators, managers and evangelists of this open source office productivity suite. is a two-year-old project, the result of more than a dozen volunteers’ efforts to create a software suite that contains a word processor , spreadsheet, presentation program, graphics app and database.
…Some analysts have questioned the merits of an enterprise switch to OpenOffice from Microsoft Office, citing migration costs, training issues, compatibility problems and support worries, but the OpenOffice project leaders insist that choosing the most qualified candidates for a switch can minimize these risks and costs…. (full story)