CNet: Does Corel’s life jacket have a leak?

My spin:You heard it in Small Business Technology Report first (not the Corel has a leak though). I think Corel has a fighting chance, but they’re going to have to do some fancy dancing. They WILL NOTE BEAT, Microsoft, but they sure can profitably co-exist and even grow..that’s my spin. What do you think?
On the verge of extinction two years ago, software publisher Corel has been on a roll lately. Almost every major PC maker has signed deals in the past few months to use Corel’s WordPerfect office software on low-end PCs, in place of more expensive Microsoft products.
But analysts say those high-profile deals are ultimately unlikely to help Corel turn around a growing string of losses that have depressed the Canadian company’s stock to the point where it now trades below cash value. (full story)