Computerized Phones and What They Can Do for You

My spin:Smart phones are great…but really…I want a phone to talk, a PC for “PCing” and a PDA for “pda-ing”. An all in one device, sounds “cool” but it’s not for me.
Just how smart are today’s smartphones , which aim to replace multiple devices — mobile phones and PDAs — with a single gadget that handles phone calls, e-mail, browsing and personal information?
Opinions differ, but the consensus seems to be that the technology is not quite perfected. The descendants of today’s devices will undoubtedly be more refined — as small and tough as today’s mobile phones, and nearly as cheap — and will truly enable rich voice and data computing.
For now, the growing array of smartphone offerings perform as billed, but users might get some funny looks when they place relatively large devices beside their heads to talk.
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