FrontRange Solutions Inc. Announces New Version of GoldMine Business Contact Manager; Version 6.0 Offers Intuitive Ease-of-Use and Quick Time-to-Value for Efficient Team-Based Contact Management
My spin: Believe it or not, Front Range and Intuit (and BEST Software and a few other firms) have a lot in common. a) they have strong brands with loyal users attached b) a large base of users c) they’ve been in business for a decent amount of time
Being in this kind of enviable position means they can concentrate first and foremost on keeping their current customers happy. Secondly developing products to attract new users from their competition AND from the large base of users who have yet to use any genre of their products.
Good job Front Range.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 14, 2002– FrontRange Solutions Inc., an international market leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service and support software, today announced the release of GoldMine(R) 6.0 Business Contact Manager, a complete contact management solution for small- to medium-sized companies.
The new version builds upon the company’s award-winning GoldMine solution and features significant enhancements that deliver even faster time-to-value for team-based organizations.
“GoldMine has been consistently recognized for its rich functionality and quick time-to-value,” said Jerry Lumpkin, senior vice president marketing worldwide of FrontRange Solutions.
“This new version continues that tradition by combining enhanced user intuitiveness with extensive customization for a practical, affordable solution — straight out of the box. This is a great tool for users who want to go beyond traditional contact managers and electronic rolodexes.”
One of the most highly acclaimed solutions in the industry, FrontRange Solutions(TM) GoldMine features time-saving collaboration
tools and a centralized database to ensure that critical information is accessible to everyone who needs it. This team-based approach ensures consistent workflow and data access for optimized customer management among groups or single users. Users can also implement the software out-of-the-box at a fraction of the cost and time of similar CRM solutions.
With GoldMine software’s built-in Automated Processes(TM), users can manage their customer attraction and retention efforts consistently and proactively. This functionality enables users to standardize tasks and business activities in a logical manner, with GoldMine automatically delivering exactly what’s needed (e-mail follow-up, form letter follow-up, scheduled call-back, field updates), when needed.
Additionally, GoldMine also accommodates industry-specific needs through several vertical templates for the real estate, legal services, mortgage lending, insurance and financial services industries. “As one who has used other contact/customer relationship manager products, I made the switch to GoldMine for the features tailored for the sales-driven user,” said John Ohnstad of General Transportation Services Inc. in Portland, Ore.
“Whether we like it or not, sales have become quite complex and many times we have several people who influence the outcome of a sale. We need to pay attention to each person and the improved Opportunity/ Project Manager in Version 6.0 makes it easier to get visibility on sales opportunities that are in the pipeline. Most of my day, I live in this section to manage my sales.”
Additional features of GoldMine 6.0 Business Contact Manager include:
— QuickStart Wizard — enables new users to quickly configure GoldMine for immediate use and quick time-to-value.
— My GoldMine Desktop — enables users to customize desktops into an active homepage, displaying business critical content from the Web, Intranet or GoldMine database.
— Re-designed Opportunity and Project Manager — simplifies the management of complex sales opportunities and projects. Additionally, the Opportunity Manager’s improved business logic makes it easier than ever to manage the sales pipeline.
— Industry and User-Specific Customizations — allow users in different industries, as well as users in different roles within a single organization, to work effectively with a variety of record types, expanding GoldMine software’s basic contact-centric, business-to-consumer, modeling capabilities. Additionally, the GM+View tab now provides users with a screen designer for embedding contact-related HTML pages with each record to display images, Web content and data from within GoldMine itself.
— Re-designed Calendar and Scheduling Tools — offer a friendly interface to simplify workflow and save time on common, repetitive time management tasks. The new Calendar includes a toolbar that makes meeting requests for multiple contacts and GoldMine users a snap.
– Built-in Database Back-up and Restore Wizard — allows administrators to easily and quickly safeguard GoldMine data. The Wizard also allows users to back-up files external to GoldMine, such as e-mail attachments, linked documents, Word and report
– XML Integration — allows users to export and import data in XML format, the standard for data transformation. With 6.0, users can
import and export both primary contact information — and also associated secondary contacts, calendars, histories, detail, link
records, etc.
Pricing and Availability
GoldMine 6.0 Business Contact Manager is available now and can be purchased through a network of authorized FrontRange Solutions Partners, as well as several retail, catalog and online stores. For a single user, the average street price is $199. Additional information on partners is available at