My spin:Intuit’s Developer Network is a KEY part of a strategy to provide solutions to customers and keep them customers. IDN, enables Intuit to focus on building an ever expanding core set of products, while at the same time these core set of products have value built around them via the developers in the IDN. Microsoft’s Windows operating system, Office Suites and dozen or so other main business applications are all very well and good. But what has made the Microsoft operating system the king it is today is also the army of developers creating applications for it – driving even more demand. This is Intuit’s strategy and it will work. 400 developers is not a number to sneeze at…especially if you are Intuit and you’re just beginning.
— With Over 85,000 Downloads, the QuickBooks Software Development Kit Is Becoming a Leading Technology Platform for Small Business Applications —
BURLINGAME, Calif. – November 13, 2002 -Intuit Inc. (NASDAQ:INTU) todayannounced its second major release of the QuickBooks(r) Software Development Kit (SDK) to more than 400 developers attending the company’s first annual “How to Make it Big with Small Business” developer conference at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport hotel in Burlingame. In conjunction with the
release of the SDK v2.0, nearly 70 developers will unveil new applications and services designed to integrate with the QuickBooks 2003 line of software for small businesses.
“We are here today to experience the power of community,” said Mark Bercow, vice president of the Intuit Developer Network. “Developers are at the core of Intuit’s ‘Right for My Business’ strategy to expand the solutions we deliver to our 2.6 million QuickBooks customers and beyond. Developers will also have the opportunity to share best practices and shape the future of our developer network.”
Conference Highlights
Attendees will hear presentations from eBay founder Pierre Omidyar; small business guru, author and nationally syndicated columnist, Rhonda Abrams; Scott Cook, Intuit’s own co-founder and chairman; Lorrie Norrington, executive vice president of Intuit’s Small Business and Personal Finance division; and many others. In addition to four keynote addresses and more than 20 breakout technical, marketing and strategy sessions, attendees will be able to view never-before-seen third-party applications at the conference’s Exhibit Hall. Breakout sessions will cover customer lead-generation, product roadmaps, and technical feedback forums.
“We built this conference around the needs of the developers,” said Bercow.
“We intend for this conference to be the springboard for ongoing dialogue far after the conference concludes.”
New SDK Features
The new QuickBooks SDK, which includes full documentation and many sample applications, is downloadable for free. The QuickBooks SDK also includes access to the QuickBooks Foundation Class Library – which enables developers to write applications that exchange data with QuickBooks without the need to code in XML. Developers can also register to receive, free of charge, the Developer Network Newsletter, access to the Developer Forum and unlimited access to the QuickBooks Technical Knowledge Base.
The new SDK enables simpler coding for developers, more streamlined and efficient data synchronization, and ultimately delivers a more powerful and seamless experience. The new SDK supports five new transaction types: statement charge, deposit, bill payment, sales tax payment, and inventory adjustment-with the ability to add, query, void and delete records.
With QuickBooks SDK v2.0, developers now have more control over inventory and employee records, access to consolidated data and support for the most-used QuickBooks reports.
For the first time, the new version of the QuickBooks SDK supports the Canadian version of QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2003 and QuickBooks(r) Online Edition. The SDK also enables integration with the majority of the QuickBooks 2003 product line announced today, including: QuickBooks(r) Pro 2003, QuickBooks Premier 2003, QuickBooks Premier: Contractor Edition 2003, QuickBooks Premier: Accountant Edition 2003, QuickBooks(r) Enterprise Solutions Business Management Software v 2.0, QuickBooks(r) Enterprise Solutions Business Management Software v 2.0: Accountant Edition, and QuickBooks Online Edition.
Over the past year, Intuit has acquired several companies that provide business management solutions for specific industries. At the Intuit Developer Conference, Intuit will unveil the first SDK for its Intuit Master Builder construction business software. Intuit Master Builder is a product from one of Intuit’s recent acquisitions, the company formerly known as OMware. More information on the Intuit Master Builder SDK will be provided in a separate press release.
Enabling “NED2”
QuickBooks SDK v2.0 further supports Intuit’s commitment to provide easy-to-use solutions where customers Never Enter Data twice — “NED2″3/4 by more tightly integrating third-party applications with QuickBooks.
“Intuit has built an SDK that greatly enhances data-sharing. This is key to my customers who want the ability to synchronize data for statement charges,” said Peter Lechner, senior developer, Alocet, a provider of management software to the property service industry. “The seamless exchange of data enables our Web applications to display complete customer statements online – something that wasn’t feasible until now.”
QuickBooks SDK v2.0 “Power Launch” Developers
As part of the Intuit Developer Network Power Launch fee-based program, close to 100 developers received early access to the QuickBooks SDK v2.0 to create applications that integrate with QuickBooks 2003. Customers can search for applications by industry or function in the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace (). The QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace is a Web site where customers can search for third-party applications that work with QuickBooks. The over 150 applications already available on the Solutions Marketplace range from automotive and construction to real estate, manufacturing and transportation.

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