My spin: I told you in my Nov 9 news post that Trellix and Kurant were one of two (and there’s more) “hidden companies” to look out for as they grow. Focusing on Kurant. Kurant provides behind the scenese ecommerce services to service providers to enable them to re-sell e-commerce solutions to their audiences. Announced only yesterday, Kurant’s e-commerce solution now can integrate with Quickbooks….a major boost for Kurant and continued validation for Quickbooks.
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – November 13, 2003 – Kurant Corporation, the leading provider of e-business software for organizations that serve the small and medium-size business (SMB) market, today announced the next generation of StoreSense, which shares data with QuickBooks Pro Edition 2003, QuickBooks Premier Edition 2003, QuickBooks Premier: Accountant Edition 2003 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2.0. This latest version of StoreSense allows SMBs to build and manage a sophisticated
e-business system using their existing QuickBooks 2003 data.
“Many small and medium-size firms have built their businesses on QuickBooks. It’s only natural that when they move online, they look for a solution that will work with QuickBooks, not against it,” said Curtis Pierce, CEO of Kurant. “With more and more SMBs moving online, the demand for e-business solutions that share data with existing back office systems is growing rapidly. By offering data integration between StoreSense and QuickBooks, we’re enabling SMBs to build a sophisticated e-business system for the future using tools they have in place today.”
The latest SMB survey work from market research firm IDC, in Framingham, MA, found growing interest in e-business technologies that integrate with existing back office systems. Raymond Boggs, IDC vice president for small business/home office research, expects the number of small businesses integrating e-business technology with back office systems to double in 2003. “Smaller firms are moving more quickly down the Internet integration path as e-business tools grow more affordable and easy to use,” said Boggs. “As the steps from accounting software, to online sales, to back office integration become more manageable, the number of small businesses implementing comprehensive e-business solutions will grow significantly.”
“Intuit and Kurant both recognize that small business owners juggle many daily tasks and that they are constantly looking for ways to streamline their operations,” said Esther Kruijver, director of the Intuit Developer Network. “Enabling the exchange of data between StoreSense and the QuickBooks 2003 products will help small businesses save time and manage their resources more efficiently, allowing them to spend more time actually running their business.”
The latest version of StoreSense makes it easier than ever to build an online presence using existing QuickBooks data. The new StoreSync Wizard allows users to purchase an online store, then build it automatically using the business, product and customer information from their QuickBooks company file. The Store Monitor feature runs in the background and automatically notifies users of activity in their store, including new orders or customers that are ready for synchronization with QuickBooks.
Once their online store is up and running, merchants can transfer critical business data, such as sales receipts and customer records, from StoreSense to QuickBooks, automatically updating their QuickBooks database. The exchange of data allows merchants to not only increase the efficiency and productivity of their organization, but also to deploy and manage the very latest e-business technologies within their familiar QuickBooks environment.