News Factor: Should Small Business Go Mac?

My spin:NO. NO. NO. UNLESS – you have a community to support your Mac installation. Let’s say you are just starting your business. Accounting. Medical Practice. Law. Insurance. Real Estate. Construction. Whatever – go with a PC. 99% of the computer stores around you, the local consultants, vendors and others in the “computing” community will be able to support your business. Although Apple does have a large following, compared to say users who have Linux in their home, the business world is PC based and that’s what you should be. UNLESS, you have a specific reason for going Mac. Maybe you know the Mac platform well, your staff want it and use it and etc – go for it.
Despite Apple’s solid moves into the corporate environment, the company still must convince buyers that it can play hardball in the enterprise and be a formidable challenger to other proven operating systems, including Windows. Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has made it a priority to lure small businesses to the Mac OS platform, reasoning that those businesses will be willing to abandon Windows in favor of a network that is easier to maintain without tremendous IT resources.
Granted, adopting an Apple solution is more costly initially, Al Gillen, director of infrastructure software research at IDC, told the E-Commerce Times. “Apple typically charges a premium because they feel customers are getting better technology,” he noted.
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