NewsFactor: Gates’s Pen vs. the Keyboard

My spin:This NewsFactor story is very, very interesting as it takes you through Microsoft’s internal efforts to re-birth the launch of a tablet PC. It’s also interesting to note how IBM and Dell will not be making tablet PC’s – but are taking a wait and see approach, at best. I think tablet PC’s will become vertical devices and used for specific industries – but my colleagues carrying around a tablet PC – nah
For years, William H. Gates III and Warren E. Buffett have routinely mailed each other magazine articles that have caught their eye. They rip pieces out of the magazines, jot notes in the margins, and pop them in the mail. Gates anticipates the day when he won’t have to mess with all that. With his new Tablet PC, he plans to call up articles from the Web, scrawl thoughts on the screen with a digital pen, and shoot it off to Buffett via e-mail. He’s already using an early version of tablet software to send electronically annotated articles to Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) colleagues. “I have anticipated this for many, many years. And here it is,” says Gates.
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