NY Times: A Conundrum for Hewlett: How to Angle Its PC Business

My spin:I dont’ think HP is dumbe for competing head on with Dell…..it could be a very smart move. Did you see the last I wrote on Dell’s pricing (last week).
On the main floor of the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas last week, Hewlett-Packard was showing off how its technology is used to do everything from fine-tune Formula One racing cars to rendering computer-animated movies like “Shrek.” But what could be just as important to the company’s future were the wares on exhibit in a nearby room, off the show floor.
There, the company offered a glimpse of an advanced personal computer it hopes to have on the market by 2004. It was a sleek, black PC with high-quality videoconferencing, enhanced instant-messaging and immediate data-sharing and collaboration capabilities. The project, code-named Agora, is a collection of inventive computing and communications technologies, some of which come from Hewlett-Packard’s research laboratories.
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