Rein In The Bits & Pieces With TexNotes 3.0

Lelystad, The Netherlands – The boss just sent you an e-mail asking for a copy of a client’s original comments regarding some custom enhancements to your company’s product. After 30 minutes of searching through the piles of paper on your desk, you’re still coming up empty-handed.
You’re preparing a presentation for a highly lucrative sales prospect, and are spending more time than you have to give in trying to find some survey data that you know could be the thing that clinches the deal.
Each day you have 20 people coming at you with information that you need for an upcoming deadline. The best you can do in the moment is write down the information on sticky notes that are barely big enough. Problem is, your desk is now cluttered with notes that are difficult and time-consuming to search through and that provide little clue about what they pertain to.
Just finished your new report on the probabilities of improving your companys’ sales performance and wish to distribute it quickly amongst sales staff. You don’t have time to waste on printing multiple copies, collating and distributing one by one.
There has to be, you say to yourself, a better way…
Enter TexNotes 3.0, a handy text editor, notes organizer and document publisher developed by GemX. A handy tool with all the ease-of-use that busy professionals need and without all the overhead in effort and time that they don’t, TexNotes uses a notebook structure that lets you create layers of notebooks with unlimited pages of notes. The program offers a full range of tools that let users create, store, edit, format, publish to standalone eBook and organize the information that they need to keep track of. Whether it’s the draft of next year’s production calendar, notes from a client about some custom development they’d like you to do for them, or the pieces of a major project proposal you’re writing, TexNotes can store whatever you need it to store for you.