RingCentral Introduces 800-Works ô – An Affordable Toll-Free 800 Voicemail and Fax Service For US and International Small Businesses & Mobile Consumers
My spin: I usually don’t like to post entire press releases…however, I do make exceptions sometimes. This service from RingCentral can be a plus for increasingly mobile businesses. Juggling clients and employees. Dashing off here and there…but still not wanting to miss important phone calls is begging for a solution. Check out what RingCentral (and its competitors) have to offer.
Web based Unified Communications Service Gives Customers More Robust Voice &Fax Features for Less
SAN MATEO, CA, November 20, 2002- RingCentral (www.ringcentral.com), a leading telephony services provider, today announced 800-Worksô, its nationwide unified voicemail and fax platform that lets subscribers manage and route their inbound phone calls, voicemails and faxes from the Web anywhere, and at anytime. 800-Works offers domestic and international small businesses and mobile consumers a comprehensive 800 number-based voicemail and fax service, at a price of $9.95 per month, including 150 free minutes per month and only $.05 per minute thereafter.
“Our combination of great technology at a low cost is tough to beat,” said Vlad Shmunis, CEO of RingCentral. “Whether our subscribers are real estate agents constantly on the go, doctors requiring 24/7 accessibility, or foreign business doing business in the US, 800-Worksô lets them communicate with their customers professionally and efficiently.”
A subscription to RingCentral’s 800-Worksô includes the following monthly services:
– Nationwide private toll-free 800 number
– Advanced call routing via FindMe/FollowMe: Incoming calls are rerouted to the phone number of the subscriber’s choice as well as temporarily forwarded to a new number.
– RingCentral’s Internet Fax: Eliminates the need for a dedicated fax line, doesn’t require any additional equipment, and lets subscribers send and receive faxes directly from their PC to any fax number in the US. Subscribers can also send faxes to anywhere in the US for just 5c/minute from anywhere in the world. Includes robust fax and cover page editing functionality; supports unlimited fax broadcasting.
– Message Center/Notification: A private message center takes voicemail messages, allowing subscribers to listen to their essages from any phone, the Internet or have them sent via email as.wav attachments. The message center also accepts faxes which can be saved & viewed online, or sent for review via email. Voicemail and fax notification is available via email, pager, or cell phone.
– Internet Call Management: For single line dial up customers, this service allows subscribers to manage incoming calls while they’re on the Internet.
Call control options include: Accept Call, Reply via Text-to-Speech, Send to Voicemail, or Reject call.
“We recognize that the way small business and mobile consumers communicate is changing radically, and we developed this service to address the ever-increasing demands for more mobility and more control- at an affordable price,” Mr. Shmunis added.
Because of these increased demands, next-generation enhanced services have become the new frontier of the telecom industry. The Phillips Group predicts the enhanced messaging (services) market will grow from 2.0 billion in 2000 to $4.7 billion in 2004.