Send Invoices with “Instant-Pay” button electronically! : G7 Announces VersaCheckô SmartInvoice 7.0

My spin:I have a weekness for things like this: simple but useful. There’s serveral companies offering this such as Intuit’s Quickbooks, probably Peachtree’s program also does it, Fidesic and others
San Diego, California – Effective Immediately: G7 Productivity Systems, Inc. announces the launch of VersaCheckô SmartInvoice 7.0 software that combines traditional paper-based business transactions with the speed and convenience of the Internet. Now purchase orders, estimates/quotes, statements, invoices can be mailed and/or sent with instant electronic online presentment and automated
payment collection features using the popular online payments portal or using credit card. VersaCheck SmartInvoice 7.0 seamlessly works with Quickbooks (NASDAQ:INTU) , VersaCheck check creation software, Microsoft Office (NYSE:MSFT), Quicken, Money and other finance packages. The package comes ready to go with many pre-designed templates and blank checks.
SmartInvoice offers complete electronic and paper-based workflow capabilities so businesses can get what they need out of one box. Now small to medium sized businesses can participate in the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments revolution without the burden of high transaction costs, expensive investment of resources or complicated implementation efforts. SmartInvoice also lets users easily manage product inventory by keeping a product database. Products are deleted automatically from the database as invoices are created and added to the database as purchase orders are fulfilled.
VersaCheck SmartInvoice 7.0 creates online invoices that link customers directly to the online credit card or check-payment wizard. SmartInvoice’s payment wizards do all the work of walking customers through easy steps of entering checking account and/or credit card information. The merchant receives pre-approved credit card payments or prints regular checks that can be deposited right away.