Archive of December 2002

Some Home Truths about Wi-Fi

My spin: Well here’s a bit more on the success and failures of WiFi To get the network in my house up to speed, I’ll have to use a combination of wired and wireless. Until then, no surfing on the deck. But if your experience is anything like mine, you should brace yourself for a […]

SalesLogix: Still Right in the Middle

My spin: For those of you who have followed by analysis of this market and specific coverage of BEST Software…you have insight into this already. But in any case check out this good piece from News Factor for a different percpective. During a year when all the enterprise software heavyweights are coming after the CRM […]

Choosing a Windows HTML Editor

My spin: What a great article…there’s so many options available. From simple “HTML” editors like CuteHTML by GlobalScape to larger ones like Microsoft’s Front Page, Dream Weaver, Cold Fusion and others. In the last few years, HTML editing software has become increasingly complex and sophisticated. The good news for designers is that excellent programs are […]

Technology in Your Business in 2003

In the coming year, I encourage you to analyze ways technology can be a better asset in your business. Technology can be a real pain…I know. HOWEVER, the benefits of properly implemented technology far outweigh the frustration it sometimes causes. Analyze your business processes. What things are routine? What can be automated? What can be […]

The Many Ways to Stay Connected at Airports

My spin: Now you’ve got the ins and out of airport connectivity…. Travelers with time to spare at the airport can easily find a newsstand, a greasy slice of pizza or even a bar if it looks like a flight delay might require something stronger than a $3 soda. But anyone itching to download or […]