Cnet: Dell looks to serve the small fry

My spin:Nothing great about this, except that I think this will work for Dell. Businesses trust Dell and it’s a no brainer to get networking help from the vendor who just sold you your server, PCs and networking equipment.
Dell Computer is trying to be a better buddy to the little guy.
The computer maker on Monday announced a new program to help small businesses buy, install and manage computer networks. For the first time, Dell will provide on-site technology consultants to assess a small company’s network needs, install networking gear, provide online training programs, and offer support for networking equipment made by other manufacturers.
The program, which begins with a consultation at a starting price of $199, is aimed at small-business owners who are eager to get an effective computer system in place, but are unsure where to turn to for advice, said Chris Hilderbrand, Dell’s manager of small and medium business services. (full story)