DISCOVERIT (SM) LAUNCHES “PERSONAL COMPUTING MADE SIMPLE” – Self-Paced Course Teaches Concepts and Fundamentals

My spin: Learning more about technology will GREATLY enhance your productive and efficient use of it!
South Orange, NJ – December 12, 2002 – DiscoverIT announced today that it has launched a self-paced version of its popular Personal Computing Made Simple course.
After over 10 years of teaching students, job seekers, retirees and computer enthusiasts about the basics of computing through instructor-led training, DiscoverIT responded to requests from its customers to release the course in a self-paced study format. “This has been the number one request from our students – to offer this course in a format that they can study at home or in their office and that they can refer to when needed,” said Veronica Williams, Founder, DiscoverIT. “The overwhelmingly positive response to this course from our customers has compelled us to make it available to a larger audience.”
“I had been working with computers for at least three years before I took the Personal Computing Made Simple course”, notes Carole Jenkins, an office assistant. “This course really helped me to understand what I was doing”.
Personal Computing Made Simple goes far beyond showing how to execute software functions. This course explains why the computer functions the way it does. “After completing the DiscoverIT course I was able to learn software packages much faster. I am even able to figure out solutions to most problems myself!” says Jean Pierre Lake, a search firm executive.
Personal Computing Made Simple covers the basic concepts of memory, storage and processing and offers a complete overview of computer software, hardware and networking. Hands-on exercises and quizzes reinforce the lessons. It is designed for people of all ages. Triumphantly, Mildred Hilton, a grandmother of two, proclaimed, “Now I can install software, better understand the Internet and use my printer, scanner and digital camera. I also know what to look for when buying computer products.”