My Docs Online Delivers Enterprise Edition Upgrade With Unprecedented Features For Managing Shared Business Files

My spin: My Docs Online is not the first nor the last service like this…but check out their offering and see if you can use it for your own business.
NAPLES, Fla., Dec. 17 /PRNewswire/ — My Docs Online, a leader in virtual drive file access, sharing and collaboration for business professionals, today announced the next generation of their Enterprise Edition service, an Internet-based solution that provides file sharing, file delivery, and collaboration for organizations, remote workgroups, customers and business partners. The new Enterprise Edition enhancements include expanded flexibility and customization of folder permissions, user views and access privileges, making it even easier for companies to securely deliver, view, and manage shared files. The Enterprise Edition also introduces an unprecedented Customer Upload feature that provides secure delivery of files, including the transfer of large files, from customers or vendors outside of the Enterprise group. Customers view and access only their exclusive folders.
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