NetLedger Announces Migration Program

My spin: NetLedger is snatching customers. There’s two kinds of customers – those who are loyal to you and love your product and those who hate your product and want to switch but have invested so much time and resources into it, that it makes it hard to do so. NetLedge has solved that issue for’s customers who want to switch. I guess will make their own switching tool too for customers who want to leave NetLedger? ­čśë
NetLedger Announces Migration Program
More Than 30 Companies Migrate from’s Legacy, Standalone SFA Application to NetLedger’s Integrated Front Office/Back Office Suites
SAN MATEO, CA. – December 13, 2002 ├Ž NetLedger, Inc., makers of Oracle ├ć Small Business Suite, today announced new migration capabilities enabling businesses to switch from’s legacy stand-alone SFA application.
Called the Legacy SFA Switch Program ( ), NetLedger’s new offering includes products, a migration wizard, and license credits that make it easy for businesses to move from an isolated salesforce management application to an integrated business management suite. This new program complements the company’s existing migration tools that enable users of legacy front-office systems (Goldmine├ć and ACT!├┤) and legacy back-office (QuickBooks├ć and Peachtree├ć) to easily migrate to a modern integrated application such as Oracle Small Business Suite. The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (ORCL).
Among the more than 30 companies that have migrated from to NetLedger’s business suites in the past months are The Steele Foundation, Designs for Health, HandyAll, SmartSynch, and Peak Placement, LLC.
“With offices on four continents, we have a geographically diverse workforce with a strong need for integration,” said Todd Lane, CFO of The Steele Foundation ( based in San Francisco, Calif., which provides enterprise risk management solutions to corporations and governments. “Before learning about NetSuite we used and a variety of diverse applications which by themselves worked fine, but not together. Now we have one simplified, NetLedger application in their place. We’re excited to watch our productivity increase as a result of NetSuite. The whole process of migration is easy due to NetLedger’s migration technology and the professional services team.”
“”We were using but needed a more complete package delivery,” said Alain Ghiai, CEO of HandyAll, a Web-based provider of home repairs in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Greater Vancouver, B.C. area. “After looking at many options, including, SalesNet and NetLedger, we decided that NetLedger’s NetSuite is the best way to go. NetLedger offers us a complete CRM/SFA/ERM solution at a very reasonable price and an efficiency savings of 30 percent. The back office/front office solution is ideal for us, and we can safely say that NetLeger’s NetSuite is going to save us $300,000 to $400,000 in the first year of operations.”
“Previously we used for SFA and other products for accounting, said Nola Nicolas, Director of Marketing for Jackson, Miss.-based SmartSynch ( <>),
a leading provider of smart metering solutions to the energy and utility industry. “But after learning about NetLedger, I thought why should we have two systems when we can do it all with one? We have a small sales team that will grow over time. It wasn’t too hard moving over our data, so we’re glad we switched to NetLedger when we did.”
Jonathan Lizotte is founder and CEO of Designs for Health ( <>), an East Windsor, Conn.-based provider of nutritional supplements to physician groups nationwide, Previously Lizotte used specifically for his sales and CRM (customer relationship management), but it did not integrate with his other business functions like he had hoped. “ was so esoteric that I wasn’t able to use it properly. Using NetLedger’s CRM, our salespeople can track their sales and contacts in a very simple format. And it integrates directly into our company’s financial information, part of the same Oracle Small Business Suite. It is a beautiful resource
for us.” Lizotte figures the Suite has saved him and his sales reps, which are spread out over six states, about $80,000 in time, overhead and capital expenses this year.