New Gateway Trade-In Program Makes it Easy for Consumers and Businesses To Upgrade Old Technology While Saving Money

My spin: Gateway has a new breath of innovation and change. I’ve been impressed at the various, some small some big, innovative and forward thinking if you will programs and ideas Gateway has been generating over the past few weeks. We all (well most of us) have old computers, being able to exchange it for another one (with a rebate thrown in) is a plus.
POWAY, Calif., Dec. 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Gateway (NYSE: GTW) today announced the Gateway Trade-in Program that makes it easy for Gateway PC buyers to properly dispose of their old technology, no matter the brand. The new web-based program allows customers to trade in their used equipment for rebates on new Gateway technology.(1)
The Gateway Trade-In Program offers both businesses and consumers a rebate when they purchase a PC or other products from Gateway and trade in a pre-owned PC, server or peripheral product. The service, performed for Gateway customers by TradeUps, Inc., will pay customers current trade-in value for their pre-owned desktop and notebook PCs, servers, monitors, printers and
“This new program has advanced web-based features that make it fast and easy for our customers who want to trade in their old PCs,” said Dave Turner, Gateway’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Customers, especially those in business, can get real value for their pre-owned equipment and help reduce the cost of refreshing outdated or obsolete technology while knowing their trade-in will be disposed of properly. It’s another way Gateway supports our customers through the technology lifecycle.”
To participate in the program, customers must purchase a new Gateway product. Gateway customers should go to and enter information about their existing products, using easy-to-use navigation and pull-down menus. The customer is quickly given an offer for their current product from a comprehensive, proprietary TradeUps database that provides the highest possible trade value.
After accepting the value provided, the customer is mailed a pre-paid shipping label to be used in returning their system. The trade-in rebate will be issued approximately 30 days after the receipt and inspection of the traded-in product and receipt of the new Gateway product proof-of-purchase(full story)