News: Web-hosting company to buy Trellix

My spin: If you’ve been a reader of you’ll know that I’ve touted that Trellix is “going places” for some time now…well, “I told you so”. I’ll have some more insight to this story later on. Check out my past 2 articles on Trellix here and here
Interland is buying Trellix, a maker of Web site tools, in a cash and stock deal worth $9.85 million, the companies said Thursday.
Interland, which sells Web-hosting services to small and medium-size business, had said earlier this year that it wanted to focus more on the small-business market.
Trellix makes development tools focused on activities such as Web site publishing, marketing and e-commerce, and it recently announced a new Web log, or blog, service. Trellix’s founder and chief technology officer, Dan Bricklin, has a long history in PC software, and is probably best known as the inventor of the VisiCalc spreadsheet.(full story)