My spin: Sad to see this venture go down the tubes, I remember reviewing it a few years ago when it first launched. It was a decent alternative for those who could not get DSL or Cable broadband Internet access.
Hughes Electronics CEO Jack Shaw warned the company most likely would shelve plans to offer Internet access to the 11 million residential subscribers to its DirecTV service. Shaw indicated that without the expanded customer base and financial boost it would have gained from its now-defunct merger with EchoStar, Hughes is in no position to make the risky investments necessary to offer and subsidize such services to homeowners and nonbusiness customers. Shaw hinted that by early next year, it would be “very difficult” to continue the company’s current DirecWay Internet service, which so far has attracted only 175,000 subscribers, and
indicated that its next-generation Spaceway project, slated for 2004, would focus exclusively on corporate customers. (full story – subscription required)