SalesLogix: Still Right in the Middle

My spin: For those of you who have followed by analysis of this market and specific coverage of BEST Software…you have insight into this already. But in any case check out this good piece from News Factor for a different percpective.
During a year when all the enterprise software heavyweights are coming after the CRM mid-market, the SalesLogix division of Best Software wants to remind the world that it always has focused on the small- to medium-size enterprise. SalesLogix general manager Tim Fargo told CRM Buyer this is an important point, because the definition of CRM differs in the mid-size and large-enterprise arenas.
“In 90 percent of the cases,” Fargo said, “small and mid-sized businesses start their CRM efforts with sales force automation. They gauge the success of CRM by whether or not they’re effective driving sales performance.”
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