Technology in Your Business in 2003

In the coming year, I encourage you to analyze ways technology can be a better asset in your business.
Technology can be a real pain…I know.
HOWEVER, the benefits of properly implemented technology far outweigh the frustration it sometimes causes. Analyze your business processes. What things are routine? What can be automated? What can be better structured?
Technology is ONLY a tool. But a powerful tool that can:
Save your business money & time; Increase efficiency & customer satisfaction and so much more!
Next year look for to bring to you EVEN BETTER information, all with the purpose to help you use technology to grow your business.
If you are not using a database to fire up your sales, coordinate customer service and other business functions then PLEASE consider how using a database can help your business grow.
Maybe you and your staff are very mobile, a properly implemented mobile technology plan can be give you a HUGE competitive boost AND make your business day much more efficient and smooth. As you consider mobile technology solutions – PDA, notebook, cell phone and other devices that blend these – enabling wireless access to your corporate data should also be considered.
This is NOT some pie in the sky hype dream but a real life scenario that has done wonders for businesses. Check out my review of Wireless Inc by Craig Settles.
Don’t forget the BASICS of your office technology. Are you using computers with only 32 mega bytes of RAM? Is your secretary’s computer constantly crashing – reducing her efficiency? What about the security of your data? Do you back things up and make sure your virus and other such programs are up to date and working properly?
God bless and have a very joyous holiday season.
Ramon Ray,
author, editor & analyst