Tip: Never Pay Full Price for a PC

I’m on the hunt for another PC to replace one of my older ones and guess what – I’m going to buy a used one again. Why pay over $1,000 for a new PC with all the bells and whistles if I can pay $255 for a 733MHZ, 128MB RAM , 15GB hd PC and it meets my needs for email, web and some other things?
I’ve bought a couple PC’s from ubid.com but this time I’m going to buy from eBay.com. I’m not going to participate in an “auction” but will instead use the “buy now” feature. In fact I found a seller in NYC and will just go to his office and pick up the PC – saving, $40 in shipping charges!
Of course when buying a PC this way you must read the fine print VERY carefully to be sure you know what you are buying. Of course the warranty may only be a 7 day warranty and ONLY if the PC does not work. However, if you know what your doing – a used PC from eBay or uBid may be the way to go!