ZD Net: The Year Ahead: Linux continues to push for the desktop

My spin: Linux will sure “push” for the desktop, but it won’t make much head way.
The open-source operating system is making slow progress onto the desktop, but recent developments could mean it is there to stay
The good news for Linux as an operating system for the desktop — as opposed to the server — is that it is set to become No. 2 after Windows in the next year or so. The bad news is that its growth does not look to be as explosive as some advocates might have hoped.
The predictions come from IDC and they reflect the fact that in the last few months Linux on the desktop has become a reality. It is now possible, for example, to buy a Linux-based PC (running LindowsOS) from Evesham. In the US, Wal-Mart sells machines based on Lindows, Mandrake Linux and others. But though Linux may have its foot in the door, taking the next step to becoming a mainstream success is proving a more difficult proposition. (full story)