ZDNet: OpenOffice.org–as good as Microsoft Office?

My spin:Hmmm…OpenOffice.org may be “as good as Microsoft Office”, but is it worth it to change all of one’s applications to an OpenOffice.org type product – ESPECIALLY if you know that you will not have 100% file compatibility with MS Office, which most businesses use.
One solution, especially if you really want to save LOT OF MONEY since OpenOffice.org is free, is to buy only a few copies (or one) of Microsoft Office and use these if you or your staff need to work with others on a project.
However, If you are going to be working with others on Microsoft Office documents, it’s probably best to just use Microsoft Office

It’s so hard to let go.
Even those IT managers who want to make the break from Microsoft to Linux can’t find the strength to let go of Microsoft Office. They can’t imagine something that could replace it. So they certainly can’t imagine that there is a package out there that can not only replace Microsoft Office but can replace it for free.
OpenOffice.org is the powerhouse suite that is raising the ante in the battle for office space. Here’s an overview of this product so that you can judge whether it would work in your enterprise.
What OpenOffice.org has
The OpenOffice.org suite is a set of office tools similar to those in Microsoft Office. OpenOffice.org is based on Sun’s StarOffice code but is not tied to the proprietary Sun application in any way. The suite consists of a word processor, spreadsheet application, presentation package, formula editor, drawing program, data charting application, HTML editor, and file filters that enable the importing and exporting of various formats. Obviously, OpenOffice.org contains everything you’d expect in an office suite. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with the original StarOffice. (full story)