Archive of January 2003

Washington Post: AOL’s users are retreating My spin: Of course AOL users are retreating. Once one gets comfortable with email and web sites – AOL only gets in the way. Furthermore, it’s a pile of bloatware and source of crashes. I use Eudora for email and IE 6 for my web browswer – why do […]

LOCKSTEP RELEASES NEW BACKUP FOR WORKGROUPS(tm) 1.0 BACKUP AND DISASTER RECOVERY SOFTWARE DESIGNED FOR SMALL AND MIDSIZE BUSINESSES My spin: I love that song…backup, backup, backup…. Phoenix, Arizona USA – 5 February 2003 — Lockstep Systems, Inc. today announced the release of Backup for Workgroups 1.0, a disk-based backup and disaster recovery software utility designed […]

Linux…quiet tremors

My spin: ACCPAC ported its application to Linux. I wondered why? Were users driving this demand or consultants or something else (maybe a knee jerk reaction on the part of ACCPAC). However, Mark Priscaro, ACCPAC Director of Public Relations tells me: “We are getting increasing interest from end users and our VAR channel as well, […]

Should Enterprises Dump Outlook?

My spin: By all means!! I’ve used Eudora for years and love it. Guess what? Viruses don’t directly attack Eudora but they do attack Microsoft Outlook. In fairness, MS Outlook has some great advanced features and collaboration tools and integrates very well into MS applications unlike any other program can. One alternative, Novell GroupWise, supports […]

Microsoft Responds: Is MS CRM customizable

Some VARs reported, according to Cnet that Microsoft CRM is not (or at least sufficiently) customizable. I posed this question to Microsoft and here’s some comment from a spokesperson: Microsoft Customer Relationship Management offers customizable forms and views that can be configured without IT support, as well as open APIs for easy systems customizations. Customizations […]

Gateway posts 8th loss in nine quarters

My spin: I’d really like to know what CAN Gateway to do start making money or at least break even and not lose money…anyone care to answer? POWAY, Calif. (Reuters) – Gateway Inc. Wednesday reported its eighth quarterly loss in nine quarters as the No. 3 U.S. personal-computer maker reeled from stiff competition, a weak […]

Forbes: Dell to sell PCs inside Sears- WSJ

My spin: Hmmm…so Gateway has its retail stores (and is shutting many down) and now Dell is partnering with Sears…what an interesting world we live in! (I wonder why Best Buy declined the offer though?) NEW YORK, Jan 30 (Reuters) – Dell Computer Corp. (nasdaq: DELL – news – people) has a deal with Sears, […]