AltiGen Communications Introduces New All-IP Phone Systems For Customer-Centric Small and Midsize Businesses

My spin: IP-PBX phones systems may not be getting tons of press, as Web services and mobile phones are, however, a business’ telephone system is VITAL to its communication with customers, vendors, suppliers and all others. Email is king but the phone is queen.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — AltiGen Communications, Inc. , a leading manufacturer of next generation IP-PBX phone systems, today announced the availability of AltiServ1 IP and AltiServ2 IP, two all-IP PBX phone systems targeted at small to medium-sized businesses with 8 to 600 users. Announced at the COMNET conference in Washington, D.C., these two new IP-PBX system offerings, which include an AltiGen chassis and award winning AltiWare system software, are the newest additions to AltiGen’s AltiServ PBX family of products. The introduction of these IP systems is a response to a dramatic shift in AltiGen’s Small-Midsize company (SMB) market. Created as a result of demand from AltiGen resellers and their customers, these new systems ship with full VoIP integrated within the AltiGen system. (full story)