Cnet: Consumers are prompting a new trend in mobile computing: the “desknote.”

My spin: Low cost, low battery life, “larger” notebook computers vs Smaller, longer batter life, notebook computers
Well the “results” are in, Pentium 4 computers are in demand by consumers (home users primarily) while businesses want the often more expensive, but longer battery life and often smaller notebook computers. Check out Cnet’s very revealing article
By taking home large numbers of notebooks based on Intel Pentium 4 desktop processors over the holidays, consumers have legitimized a trend toward larger, more powerful notebooks that offer somewhat lower prices than more traditional laptops. Many industry observers had dismissed these so-called desknotes as a flash in the pan when they first appeared early last year.
NPDTechworld, which tracks retail PC sales, says notebooks using desktop Pentium 4s were the best-selling Intel-based laptop models during the 2002 holiday season. (full story)