CRM in Your Pocket

My spin: CRM in your pocket. When it works it will change the way you interact with customers – make you more responsive (but maybe more intrusive?).
No one can fault vendors for failing to encourage mainstream adoption of mobile CRM. New products hit the market regularly, with later entrants, like , challenging such industry stalwarts as Siebel (Nasdaq: SEBL) , E.piphany (Nasdaq: EPNY) and Pivotal (Nasdaq: PVTL) for a piece of this subsector.
The value of mobile CRM applications is clear. Although they come in a variety of permutations, all of them offer salespeople or field reps a way to take along, synchronize with, or have wireless access to corporate client data and information. However, it is equally clear that the mobile CRM mother lode has yet to be struck. (full story)