Get wireless for your next notebook

My spin: Wireless internet access is not only expanding as a built in function of notebook computers but there’s more and more wireless “hot spots” sprouting up around cities and business areas, like air ports, hotels and of course Starbucks./i>
NY Times: More Cities Set Up Wireless Networks
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 5 ó Add urban renewal to the growing list of reasons to deploy wireless computing networks.
The city of Long Beach, Calif., plans to announce on Friday that it will make free wireless Internet access available in its downtown area as part of an effort to attract visitors and companies to the business district. The city will use the increasingly popular standard known as Wi-Fi, which lets personal computers and other hand-held devices connect to the Internet without wires at high speed.
The new service is one of the first examples of a city’s setting up a free wireless Internet system. It is being supported in part by equipment donations from a group of companies, with the city underwriting the $2,500 annual cost of an Internet connection.
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