KnowledgeNet Leads e-Learning Industry With Second-Wave, Results-Oriented Business Practices

My spin: I like that “prove as you go”. Why wate money on training that doesn’t work?
PHOENIX, Jan. 20 /PRNewswire/ — KnowledgeNet(R) Inc., the fastest-growing e-learning company, today launched a range of Flexible Pilot Programs aimed at encouraging organizations to evaluate a complete e-learning solution on a small, low-risk scale and to discover how the latest in second-wave e-learning technology can deliver concrete training results. The new Pilot Programs make available the entire KnowledgeNet Enterprise Learning Suite — comprising a complete blended content library, along with learning management and learning content authoring and management systems — to qualifying organizations at a significantly reduced cost. For the first time, an e-learning vendor is essentially sharing the cost of implementing an extensive e-learning trial with its customers, and providing the e-learning buyer with hard data on the results attained during the trial. (full story)