Linux – snowball effect.

I asked a software vendor, why they decided to port their application to Linux and thought maybe their end users were asking for it. Well the reply was interesting
The spokesperson said:
We haven’t quantified how many users are asking for a Linux [solution they offer] solution — generally available market research makes it clear that Linux is expanding (check out IDC’s research).
We are getting increasing interest from end users and our VAR channel as well, both in North America and
So there you have it. Remember how companies were rushing to be “dot-coms” and they followed the research of financial analysts and I’M GUESSING that technology analysts, like IDC, Gartner and etc had a hand in these things as well. I wonder if Linux to some degree is fools gold. I know it’s growing and will definitely be a force to reckon with on the server side of things, but for end user based applications, I’m not so sure if vendors need to put their energy into Linux solutions – quite yet.
What do you think. Are software vendors and developes following another blind rush to a pot of gold, or is this the initial waves of a Linux storm that will smash Microsoft’s hold?