A Macintosh may be in your future

My spin: ZDN’et Dan Farber writes why Apple Macintosh just may be in (some of) your future.
It’s been years since I wrote about the Macintosh or even used one regularly. I spent much of the 1980s covering Apple as a reporter and editor. In September of 1983, I was lured away from producing PCWorld magazine to start a new publication called Macworld. I subsequently worked on two now defunct Mac weeklies, Macintosh Today and Macweek. But for the last 10 years, I have been a Windows user.
Now, I have a craving to join the Mac user community again. It’s just a craving at this point, as I am still feeling the influence of the Steve Jobs reality distortion field after attending his keynote at Macworld Expo yesterday. Jobs could sell ice to Eskimos, and he gave one of his typically compelling presentations for why Apple has a chance to gain a wider audience despite tough competition and economic conditions.
The conventional wisdom is that the Mac sits on the sidelines in the corporate world, consigned primarily to graphics and publishing functions. Windows is the lord of the desktop, and even Linux is making inroads as a desktop platform. According to IDC, Linux could surpass the Mac as the number two desktop operating system in the next year or two. (full story)