News Factor: VPN Software Is Not Created Equal

My spin: Very, very insightful…I bet you never thought your VPN as a source to weaken your network? (or did you?)
Advanced features require advanced corporate network planning.
With IP Security VPNs established as a preferred method of remote access, businesses now must weigh an array of options that can make deploying and managing these VPNs less daunting.
Optional features range from automatic installation of VPN client software to policy checkers that deny VPN access if personal firewalls aren’t turned on and configured properly. The features differ among VPN client software, so customers have to shop carefully.
Remote-access VPNs call for single PCs and laptops to connect to the Internet and establish a VPN tunnel with centrally located VPN concentrators, an architecture that presents two main challenges: first, how to distribute and manage software on a large numbers of remote machines with minimal manpower; second, how to ensure that these machines don’t threaten the security of the corporate network. (full story)