NY Times: Phone Calling Over Internet Is Attracting More Interest

My spin: We’ve already touched on this topic, but I think it’s worth repeating and analyzing, via this NY Times piece.
Phone calls over the Internet may finally be catching on.
When the technique was first used in the mid-1990’s, Internet telephone conversations were hailed as a way to make long-distance calls without paying toll charges. The most zealous advocates predicted that the conventional public telephone network would quickly become obsolete. That has yet to happen, of course.
Despite the money-saving potential, sending voice telephone calls over the Internet remains largely a niche service for technophiles and for people seeking cheaper international communications ó like users of prepaid phone cards, who may not even realize that their discount calls are bypassing the regular phone network. Yet the technology is showing signs of gradually expanding to a broader audience, a step that could eventually mean wide-reaching changes in the telecommunications industry, if early experiments by individuals and businesses are any indication. (full story)