Washington Post: Lexmark, N.C. Firm Clash Over Cartridges

My spin: I know tech vendors want to make money, we all do. And I know that printer manufacturers make their money on selling printer cartridges but to a) sue another company for making a competing, cheaper, solution; then b) to make it so that your printers won’t work with another ink cartridge – that’s nasty.
SANFORD, N.C. ññ The endless e-mail and fax pitches for replacement printer cartridges point to a desktop printing reality – profits reside in the ink.
Now a North Carolina firm that makes the replacements finds itself in the copyright crosshairs of printer giant Lexmark International Inc. in a legal tussle over ink cartridges.
In a federal lawsuit, Lexmark claims Static Control Components, based in Sanford, N.C., violated the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act to swipe a large chunk of its aftermarket printer supply sales. (full story)