Yahoo Reuters: Dell Faces Tough Market for Recycling

My spin: Recyling. I guess overall, it’s important. But when you’ve only got 3 computers to throw away you’ve really go to think about how you’ll help the environment by doing your share to get rid of them properly. Now for lager companies getting rid of hundreds of PC’s at a time – it’s easy to say, “We really shouldn’t be throwing these in our dumpster”. Dell, as usual, is offering an efficient solution.
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Got a cracked computer monitor or a hard drive that has stopped cold? Don’t be too quick to discard them until you’ve considered the options to trade in, upgrade, auction off or donate the unwanted equipment.
That’s the logic Dell Computer, PC market leader, is applying to the still fledgling computer recycling business: Turning a potential public relations liability into a new product marketing opportunity.
“The best thing to do with a PC is to extend the life of it,” Dell (NasdaqNM:DELL – news) spokeswoman Michele Glaze said.
Responding in part to the black eye the computer industry got recently from reports of mounting piles of hazardous electronic waste, the Austin, Texas based company is aiming to turn recycling into a pay-as-you-go business.
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