Archive of February 2003

Cnet: Put up or shut up at tech trade show

My spin by, Ramon Ray, Wouldn’t it have been nice if companies would have produced technology to solve problems from the start. Why wait until the economy is going negative? A conference dedicated to showcasing new technology is out to prove that tech innovation isn’t dead; it’s just become more practical. During the dot-com […]

PC Advisor: Vendors turn GSM phones into walkie-talkies

My spin by, Ramon Ray, Hmmm, competition for Nextel hey? Ericsson, Nokia and Siemens today announced that they are teaming up to jointly define specifications for a common operating standard for direct-call push-to-talk services over GPRS. The three, traditionally rivals in the GSM network space, are jointly defining technology specifications to enable “push to […]

BizReport: Google Buys Web Publishing Tool Blogger My spin: (Ramon Ray, I’ve used Blogger for about a year or so now, to post the news of It’s pretty easy to use, and has some nice features – like being able to post a blog via email and a built in spell checker. I […]

NY Times; Ubiquitous Yet Little Used, the Diskette Hangs On My spin: Diskettes should be kept on a PC – they come in so handy – now and then. Sure USB diskettes, CD-ROMs and other devices are increasing in use, but diskettes can hold their own and do have their place Excerpt: Most people have […]

Forbes: David Versus Microsoft

My spin: Making only $1 million a year is NOT a David vs Microsoft battle. It’s more like a gnat vs a GIANT battle. Blue Tie needs to grow a lot more before we start thinking of it as any significant competition to Microsoft. Most likely Blue Tie will get bought out by someone else. […]