Alpha Software announces Alpha Five/QLinker which allows easy two-way transfer of data between QuickBooks“ 2003 and its Acclaimed Alpha Five Windows Database.

My spin: This is powerful. Quickbooks is a great program and does have some minimal database like tools built in. However, being able to export data to a full fledged database for more extensive and feature rich use, like custom emails is amazing and a great option!.
Small businesses can now have fully integrated information and accounting systems that enable them to compete with larger companies.
BURLINGTON, Mass. (PR NEWSWIRE) February 3, 2003 , — Alpha Software Inc. announces the availability of Alpha Five/QLinker which allows users to easily and quickly move data back and forth between QuickBooks 2003 Products – including QuickBooks Pro Edition 2003, QuickBooks Premier Edition 2003 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2.0 and the Five Star Rated Alpha Five database software.
As a result of being able to easily move data back and forth between the two programs, users and companies benefit by being able to:
Build highly customized reports based on QuickBooks accounting data using Alpha Five’s powerful and flexible visual report writer.
Incorporate data from QuickBooks, and use Alpha Five’s email merge capabilities to send out highly personalized invoices and reports in PDF and HTML format.
Use Alpha Five to design fully customized data entry screens, including enhanced error checking, lookups and validation, then transfer this “clean” data to the appropriate files in QuickBooks.
Use the robust analytical and statistical tools offered by Alpha Five to “mine” data from QuickBooks and generate greater insight into one’s company’s business, thereby increasing profitability and competitiveness.
Analyze and reformat QuickBooks accounting data for use by other users in a company.
Quickly and easily build robust and highly customized Alpha Five database applications based on QuickBooks data.
Use Alpha Five’s sophisticated multi-file personalized letter and email merge features to increase sales, improve customer server, and streamline purchasing.
Eliminate double entry of data into information and accounting systems.
Track additional data about clients, prospects, vendors, etc. over and above the requirements of QuickBooks.
Richard Rabins, Co chairman of Alpha Software, Inc states “Our customers, who predominantly are also QuickBooks customers, have been clamoring for this link because they know that unifying and sharing the data that they need to run competitive organizations is crucial to their long term success. By having their QuickBooks data and their Alpha Five databases data linked, they can compete on a level playing field with larger competitors.”
“Intuit and Alpha Software both recognize that small business owners juggle many daily tasks and they are constantly looking for ways to streamline their operations,” said Esther Kruijver, director of the Intuit Developer Network. “Enabling the exchange of data between Alpha Five and the QuickBooks 2003 products will help small businesses save time and manage their resources more efficiently, allowing them to spend more time actually running their business.”