CNet: Jupitermedia launches Comdex rival

My spin: It’s tough for tech shows and going ot be a lot tougher now that Juptermedia is in the mix. Remember, “Meckler Media”, founder of Internet World….and sold to Penton Events? Now Alan Meckler – who built and now heads Jupter Media is going to go full circle and launch another event business as part of Jupiter Media – this is wonderful!
With Comdex having lost much of its fizz, a tech information company has decided to uncork a rival show along the Las Vegas strip.
Jupitermedia announced its plans Tuesday, just a day after Comdex’s parent company filed for bankruptcy.
Jupitermedia has booked the Mandalay Bay Convention Center for the new trade show, dubbed Computer Digital Expo Fall 2003. The two events will be held the same week in November, just blocks apart.(full story)