CNet: Lawsuit challenges software licensing

My spin: I keep telling myself that ONE day I’m really going to read completely through one of htose software licensing “contracts”. Their in boxes of software and you often have to click “yes” on them when you install software…do YOU read them?

A California woman is suing Microsoft, Symantec and some software retailers, claiming the companies “concocted a scheme” to mislead consumers by requiring them to consent to software licensing agreements they haven’t read.
The suit, filed Friday in Marin County Superior Court in San Rafael, Calif., seeks class-action status on behalf of all Californians who’ve bought software including Norton Antivirus 2002, Norton Systemworks and Windows XP Upgrade.
Specifically, the suit, which was brought by Cathy Baker, claims that Microsoft, Symantec, CompUSA, Best Buy and other unnamed retailers don’t allow people to read “shrink wrap” licenses–agreements printed inside the box or incorporated into the software itself–before they buy a product.
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