Cnet: Put up or shut up at tech trade show

My spin by, Ramon Ray, Wouldn’t it have been nice if companies would have produced technology to solve problems from the start. Why wait until the economy is going negative?

A conference dedicated to showcasing new technology is out to prove that tech innovation isn’t dead; it’s just become more practical.
During the dot-com boom, the Demo conference was a splashy venue for high-tech industry executives, venture capitalists and start-ups looking to cut a high profile. This year, however, companies will need more than a great idea and a slick demo to gather the accolades.
Today’s environment is decidedly cool to gee-whiz technology without apparent benefit to businesses or consumers. This year’s Demo start-ups will be pitching their wares as solutions to persistent problems, according to Chris Shipley, the executive director of the Demo event. (full story)