CNet: Web services finds new life as corporate bridge

My spin: Cnet has a great piece on web services, but one thing that surprised me was the following, in Cnet’s article:
“One of the software industry’s brightest prospects–Web services–has started to prove its worth by driving e-commerce in an unexpected way: as the bridge that links companies behind the scenes.”
This has ALWAYS been what web services was all about – linking companies data together so it could be used it much more efficient and profitable ways.
The Cnet piece continues:
“In nearly four years of existence, Web services hasn’t become the cash cow that some software makers had hoped it would be. In the absence of spending, many shortcomings have persisted in Web services standards, and many concepts have languished on drawing boards. But Web services are finding new momentum, even helping to breathe life into the notion of business-to-business exchanges conceived at the height of the Internet bubble. “It’s not as exciting as those public Web services like Google or Amazon. In a way, it’s dull, plain-old everyday business. But it’s real business,” said Jason Bloomberg, an analyst at ZapThink. “
I’m not sure exactly WHO thought Web services was anything more than a “dull” and “boring” programmer tool – BUT one that could do wonders for business.
As I’ve said so many times – technology is only a tool You can use the tool for good, reall business productivity, or let the tool sit and gather dust or worse – use the tool but not use it properly at all!
I’m just so fed up with TECHIES in the media who try to hype of technology but not let it be what is should be a tool for businesses. What do you think?
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