eWeek: AMD Ships Rival to Pentium 4

My spin: The chips wars are HOTTER than you think AMD is rolling out faster and faster chips in direct competition with INTEL. In April (for servers) and September (for Desktops) AMD is going to be rolling out a 64bit chip – mega, mega, mega times faster than current 32bit (Pentium if you will) processors. Intel is rolling out a 64bit chip also – called Itanium-2 as we speak. These cihps are great for large servers, enabling the large servers to use up to 16 exabytes (or 16 billion gigabytes) of memory – an you think that high? According to a 17 Feb 2003 Fortune article on Intel’s chip, this makes database vendors salivate. With more power their databases can run faster. HOWEVER, Intel’s chip won’t work with current 32bit software, but guess what AMD’s will (in September).
I could go on but I’d highly suggest you read Fortune’s article for an in-depth perspective.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. continued its aggressive first-quarter rollout of new processors on Monday, unveiling its long-awaited Athlon XP 3000+ desktop chip.
The 32-bit chip, code-named Barton, is part of AMD’s push to chip away at Intel Corp.’s dominance. The 3000+, with a 333MHz front-side bus, 640KB of on-die cache memoryó512KB of Level 2 cache and 128KB of L1 cacheóand 2.1GHz of speed, is designed to compete with Intel’s Pentium 4 line. (full story)