Forbes: PDAs Grow Well Beyond The Basics

My spin: But do we need PDAs that have the power of a desktop computer…do many people use all the fancy gadgets on their PDAs.
NEW YORK – Given enough time, it seems that there isn’t much a personal digital assistant won’t be able to do. A few years back, address books and to-do lists were about all that was expected of them. That’s changing in a big way.
It’s an easy conclusion to make given the lineup of new PDAs slated to ship in the coming few months. One headliner is Sony’s (nyse: SNE – news – people ) new flagship Clie device, the PEG-NZ90. For enthusiasts of the latest version of the Palm operating system, Palm OS 5, this newest Clie looks like it’s going to push the boundaries of what a Palm device can do. (full story)