News: Dell foments floppy’s fall

My spin: Although floppies are indeed being used less and less…they are still so important. Not just for quickly and easily copying small files but for booting up a dead PC…anyway what do YOU think. About Dell – Dell’s offering it as an option and will listen to its customers – they, the customers will decide for Dell if this continues or not.
The floppy drive is heading toward extinction at Dell Computer.
Later this month, the PC maker plans to drop the floppy as standard equipment on one of its Dimension desktops.
Dell, which nixed floppies as standard equipment on its Inspiron 4150 and 8250 notebooks last summer, will let customers configure one of its top-of-the-line Dimension 8250 PCs without a floppy drive by the end of this month, company representatives said.
Dell executives believe its time to head in the direction of eliminating the floppy from its consumer desktops for two reasons: Computer buyers have become more sophisticated about using their computers, and new technology such as portable USB (universal serial bus) storage devices and CD-rewritable drives have come down in price over the last few years. (full story)