News Factor: There’s other programs beside Microsoft Outlook…

My spin: I’ve used Eudora for years and love it. Many big corps use MS Outlook – virus prone. HOWEVER, it’s got tons of communication and collaboration features that other mail programs don’t have (and maybe don’t need).
Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Outlook and Outlook Express have been plagued by security issues for the last few years. Whether that is a result of poor programming on Microsoft’s part or the simple fact that malware authors tend to target the most popular programs, using Outlook can be hazardous to a company’s computing health. Fortunately, Outlook is not the only game in town.
Depending on a business’ specific needs, a number of alternatives to Microsoft Outlook exist. Some companies offer e-mail clients without calendar features, while others provide everything that comes with Outlook, plus additional functionality. (full story)