NY Times; Ubiquitous Yet Little Used, the Diskette Hangs On
My spin: Diskettes should be kept on a PC – they come in so handy – now and then. Sure USB diskettes, CD-ROMs and other devices are increasing in use, but diskettes can hold their own and do have their place
Excerpt: Most people have discovered that it is simply easier to e-mail small text files, even if it’s to the person sitting at the next cubicle, rather than put it onto a diskette. And diskettes don’t provide much space at all for storing large media files like digital photos, video or MP3 audio.
Another function of the diskette, as an emergency disk to boot up a PC in case of a crash, has all but disappeared now that Windows uses its installation CD-ROM for that.
NY Times; Shake a Phone Tree. Shake Again.
(Problems with Earthlink customer support)
My spin: When tech support goes down…and when you need it that’s when you realy miss a company with good tech support. The problem I’ve been having is that most times I call tech support – I’m BETTER than tech support and oftne solve my own problems. This happened twice with a call to Dell’s technical support
NY Times; Yahoo Outlines Plans for Adding Premium Services
My spin: Anybody have plans for smallbiztechnology.com to make some more money?
NY Times; Scrawl to Screen, With a Pen
My spin:FYI…
CNN: Red Herring founder unveils ‘super-blog’ for business geeks
My spin:Blogs, well written ones (like this on) are great. Formal news sites are important, but it’s refreshing to read some slighly unvarnishe commentary and editorial.
News.com: FTD.com hole leaks personal information
My spin: IF FTD has problems with the security on their web site, and they’ve probably got a full time tech/security staff, what can smaller businsses do to combat and manage security holes in their digital enterprises.
Washington Post: Dell Computer Posts a Surge in Profit
My spin: Hats off to Dell. But my question – why can’t Gateway do better? Is this simply a matter of use 4 or 3 (IBM, Compaq, Del) and no more?
Excerpt: The personal computer maker, despite the soft economy, reported a profit of $603 million (23 cents per share) for its fiscal fourth quarter, up from $456 million (17 cents) a year earlier. For the year, the Round Rock, Tex., company recorded a profit of $2.12 billion (80 cents) on revenue of $35.4 billion.
After the Bell-Dell, Intuit rise after profit reports
My spin: INTUIT deserves a huge round of applause – executing well in the SMB space is what it’s all about.
HP aims to match Dell on price
My spin: Very interesting. IBM has stated that they ARE NOT GOING TO COMPETE WITH DELL ON PRICE – that was several months ago. So the lines are clear – if you want low cost PCs check out HP or Dell, first. If you want PCs that may cost a bit more, but have premium features – go with IBM.