ZDNet: Palm vs. Pocket PC: The right choice NOW is…

My spin: Nice, fair and accurate piece by David Coursey…

There used to be a TV commercial–for a patent headache medicine, as I recall–proclaiming that “four out of five doctors” agreed the advertiser’s medicine was best. Since 80 percent of doctors agreed, obviously we should follow their advice. The smart thing to do, right?
That’s the same logic that keeps Windows users from seriously considering the Macintosh, or Palm users from considering Pocket PC. After all, if nearly 70 percent of PDA customers buy Palm, how much of a mistake could it be?
IN THE SAME WAY that I refrain from telling Windows users not to pass up the Mac, I try not to push the Pocket PC on the Palm-toting masses. But I will note that, whether you’re choosing a desktop, a PDA, or a painkiller, following the crowd isn’t always best. (full story)

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