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Can Maximizer challenge GoldMine Software

Well read what Ralph Kretchmar, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Maximizer Software Inc. tells FrontRange has many customers, a loyal base of users and is a well-known brand name. Can Maximizer effectively compete head-on? Absolutely, we are confident that our product, Maximizer Enterprise is much more customer-centric than GoldMine’s offering. We are […] Gateway introduces one-click prices

My spin No one can accuse Gateway of not trying…but I hope it’s not too late. In any case giving customers the bottom line price with no added $$$ tacked on is an excellent idea. I think does this too. News Clip: The PC maker quietly launches a new strategy that markets its PCs […]

News Factor: Top Servers for Boosting E-Business

My spin Useful article for your information News Clip: When it comes to choosing a server to boost e-business efficiency, technology buyers have no shortage of options. Sometimes, even analysts cannot agree on which machines are best for enterprises that want to rev up the pace at which they conduct business. Because of intense competition […]